Artist of the Month

Daniel Arteago - Performance Restriction

Daniel Arteaga

April 2021

Daniel Arteaga born in Colombia and now 3 years in London, with a degree in Fine Arts from the Department of Trans disciplinary Arts, University of La Laguna (Spain). Arteaga is trans disciplinary artist, working within the field of performance and painting, actions make his work.

Arteaga is an emerging artist; he has found many limitations in searching for materials. Arteaga’s work explores new approaches to making art, developing an ecology of the image using the materials at his disposal. Arteaga opens the debate on the modes of consumption of represented images (paintings) in the present time and how these are currently relatable in a digital world.

Arteaga’s work seeks to illustrate experiences through documentation. His work explores the capabilities of painting through video and photography. Arteaga deals with themes such as the concept of non-place, displacement within spaces, and the mechanical capacities of representation. Throughout his work the recurrent use of the mixture of disciplines is clear. Arteaga, constructs visual narratives through the intervention of urban spaces and what it means to be within the urban landscape.

Arteaga settled in the city of London three years ago, which has become his territory of exploration artistic research. Arteaga is a citizen in a constant migration, he has an obsession with connection to place, as someone who often finds himself disconnected to his local surroundings. Arteaga’s work aims to connect people, by building visual narratives from the intervention of urban spaces. Arteaga’s work uses tools such as Google maps to start as artistic research moving onto working in video and physical travel along with painting. Arteaga’s aims to create small landscapes of the city finding places that attract him. Arteaga’s process is to document the process of installation using video footage along side having to physically go somewhere, this whole journey of process becomes the artwork itself, then to complete a fraction of painting of these places found online (Google maps) are then left back in the place of origin, forming a full circle of migration of place.

During the lockdown period, and his submission for ‘Restriction’ exhibition, Arteaga had the opportunity to give form to an idea that I have been development for some time. The project ‘Titles’ aims to connect through landscapes, paintings in oil. ‘Titles’ refers to the original place the landscape images come from. For ‘Restriction’ Arteaga developed a ‘Titles' (landscape) and installed it in person in a location in the city of London. Arteaga’s wanted to store the information for the future, keeping this work as a time capsule for the uncertain times we have all experienced over the last year. The work also seeks to create a place of pilgrimage within the city of London, to search out these works that the missing piece holds within the exhibition.


Arteaga creates a story/ memory that the spectators never lived but that they could recreate if they wanted to, to be able to retrace Arteaga’s steps with access to the video footage and fraction of the painting that is within the ‘Restriction’ exhibition, a puzzle of place worth piecing together. Arteaga’s work was submitted in part on a USB drive as well as fractions of paintings removed from the location where the full painting is installed in the outside world.



There is also a video on our videos and media page with Amanda Lynch and Daniel Arteaga, featuring on Clayhill Arts digital forum. 







Corinne Daisy

March 2021

Corrine Daisy is our first Artist of the Month.

She is a self-portrait artist, creating work that depicts her situation as a disabled bed-bound woman. Currently Corinne is creating a photographic series  'A Bedtime Story'. This explores the effects that the pandemic has had upon her already fragile mental health, heightening pre-existing conditions and leaving her bedbound.
Corinne is confined to her bed (2 metre x 1.5 metres) and works solely within the premiss of this space. Corinne’s partner made her a bed easel, as to adapt her practice for her current needs.

For our Restriction exhibition Corinne created miniature pillows that reflect her experiences as a disabled artist. Painting onto these pillows acted as an escape for Corinne; paintings of a landscape she longs to be within. Her work has been made using pillows; cutting them up to a miniature scale, with the remains acting as a stuffing to fill them. Made by hand, with sewing materials and fabric paints, Corinne has created an intimate portrayal of her own experiences surrounding restriction.

Corinne says:

A little piece of me can leave the house even though I can’t.’

From bed Corinne is able to experiment with ceramics as part of her bursary with Outside In and New Art West Midlands. She plans to colour and paint her bed sheets with images of nature. Her recent video ‘Dear Voices' was produced for a Midlands featured artist slot with Outside In. Later this month Corinne will be a remote artist in residence at The New Art Gallery in Walsall and will be transforming her bed into an art installation.

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