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This exhibition will be live-streamed on 23rd March at 1pm.

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Welcome to the Correspondence Collective.

We are a growing group of both artists and non-artists, sharing and collaborating through the post. This online platform showcases the range of mail art that is continually being created and we welcome anyone around the globe to join this collective.

‘Restriction’ is an online exhibition of miniature pieces of art inspired by restrictions of the pandemic.

This exhibition is displayed in a set of old printer’s letterpress drawers, with the drawers’ tiny compartments providing a stimulus for the exhibiting artists.

Inspired by the restrictions many of us have experienced due to Covid-19, more than 200 artists, from around the globe, have produced work for the show, resulting in over 1000 pieces of miniature artworks.

The new works will be exhibited at Clayhill Arts, Bridgwater, Somerset and showcased online via livestream video with the help of Ignite Somerset. 

The idea was devised by artist Amanda Lynch who became fascinated by the Mail Art Movement which began in the 1960s, when artists sent postcards with poems or drawings through the post rather than exhibiting through conventional channels.

Amanda used the restrictions of the pandemic and the idea of Mail Art as inspiration for the exhibition.

As well as curating the exhibition, Amanda has set up the Correspondence Collective to bring together creative people to share knowledge and inspiration at a time when many artists are feeling isolated.

Contributed artwork will be archived by Clayhill Arts as a record of work created about this unusual time.


The exhibition will be launched online by Clayhill Arts on Tuesday 23 March, a year on from the start of the first UK lockdown.

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